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Every few years the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers(IRSE) organises an international conference on the themes of Automation, Signalling, Performance, Equipment, Control and Telecommunications (ASPECT).The next ASPECT conference will take place at the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in the heart of London, UK from 10-12 September 2012. The timing makes this an extra special conference – just after the Olympic Games have been held in the city, and at the start of a year of special events to celebrate the IRSE’s Centenary.
The IRSE has issued a Call for Papers, which can be found on the IRSE website at The Call for Papers is a downloadable PDF with full details of paper selection process, and a response form which should be completed  and returned to the IRSE by email ( by 1 November 2011.
The organisers are keen to ensure that the conference covers a broad range of topics within the theme, and the widest international coverage. With this in mind can I ask you to spend a few minutes thinking about what YOU  might wish to present at the conference, or pass the details on to a colleague who is best placed to make a response to the Call for Papers.