Younger Members Technical Visit 2011

Friday/Saturday 10/11TH June 2011

“Short technical visits to installations in the Netherlands and other European countries provide further opportunities to see modern techniques in practice, embracing main line railways, metros and light rapid transit systems.”

A technical visit to Amersfoort, Apeldoorn, Utrecht and Amsterdam organized by the IRSE Dutch Section in conjunction with the IRSE Younger Members will be held on 10-11th June 2011. The proposed programme (subject to change) is:

Thursday 9th June2011 (evening, approximately 6pm start)
Meet and greet, Amsterdam. Speech of welcome by (J)IRSE Dutch Section followed by social gathering with other young members.

Friday 10th June 2011
After a brief introduction to the Dutch operating principles, the delegation will be given a guided tour around the training school in Amersfoort where all Dutch operational systems will be displayed and explained. After a lunch the delegation will be travelling by train to Amsterdam’s signalling control centre, where the members will be given a presentation of the signalling floor with a great view of Amsterdam Central station. Thereafter the delegation will be visiting the SMC (Maintenance Control Centre) and the training facility of Bombardier.

Saturday 11
th June 2011
This day starts with a visit to the OCCR in Utrecht. This is the new nerve center for the rail sector, where 24 hours a day seven days a week the centre is working non-stop to improve the performance of the railway. This new partnership will lead to a quicker settlement of disruptions, more available infrastructure capacity, reduced delay minutes and improving the quality of travel and traffic. After that the delegation will take a train ride to Apeldoorn for an old-fashioned steam train ride that will include an explanation of the steam train itself. The intention is to organise a closing dinner on the evening of the 11th, so where possible delegates should organise their return travel for Sunday the 12th June.

The full itinerary and technical content is in the process of being confirmed and further information will be provided once finalised, including information on methods and costs of transport within the technical visit. The IRSE Dutch Section and the IRSE Younger Members are pleased to be able to offer the Technical Visit for free to all delegates, however travel to and from Amsterdam and accommodation are not included.

To apply for a place on this visit, please send an e-mail to AND including your name, IRSE Membership number, and contact details. Places are limited due to the capacity of venues we will visit, and allocated on a first come first served basis. If you have any queries on the logistics of the visit to assist with booking travel and accommodation then please contact us on the addresses above.

Mrs. K. (Kirsten) Luiten-Loeff, BSc AMIRSE
Young Members IRSE Dutch Section

Martin Fenner, MIRSE
IRSE Younger Members Chairman