Presidential Paper: The Race Against Obsolescence

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Op dinsdag 7 januari 2020 wordt bij de IRSE-NL de paper "The Race Against Obsolescence" uit het presidential programme "Delivering Change" van IRSE President George Clark gepresenteerd door Wim Coenraad namens het International Technical Committee.

The Race against Obsolescence.

The world in which we do our signal engineering changes rapidly. We must deliver change whilst technology cycles speed up, but the demands on certification of Command and Control Systems in Railways slow us down and causes an inherent inertness in systems, products and processes. There is a need for Business Continuity Management, Resilience engineering and the resulting requirement to fail smoothly rather than safely but totally and abruptly. Defending against Cyber threats puts a new perspective on Hazard Management and ALARP and forces us to rethink, regroup and recover more swiftly than ever. We need to introduce Contingency Management processes. Are we in a race against obsolescence, not just in terms of technology, but also in terms of processes and perhaps as a profession?

Locatie: Movares Auditorium , Daalse Plein 100, 3511 SX Utrecht.

Zaal open 15:30, aanvang 16:00

IRSE President George Clark zal daarbij de Nederlandse Sectie bezoeken.